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Video Game of the Week-Bioshock Infinite

Hey guys, Junious here again welcoming you all back to my lifestyle blog. Today I am going to be reprising a series I first posted, video game of the week. This is where I talk about the video game I have been playing and enjoying this week, instead of restricting it to the small amount of titles that have been released this week and the even smaller amount of them that I have played. The video game of the week for this week is Bioshock Infinite.

Bioshock Infinite

The Game

Bioshock Infinite was released in March of 2013, making the game just over 4 years old at this point. It was released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and later on next gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4. According to my Steam profile I have owned the game for most of that period, buying and installing it during the Steam Christmas Sale of 2013. Just last week was the first time I had actually ran the game, meaning that it sat dormant on my hard drive for 176 weeks before I finally played it and wow, am I sorry I waited this long.


The gameplay in Bioshock Infinite is just insane. You get access to a large array of weapons ranging from a classic Luger style pistol to a gun that fires mortar volleys into the air. Then you also get access the the mystical element of the game, Vigors. Vigors are drinks that your character finds through the game and drinks to give him access to a permanent power that comes from your right hand. This varies from a simple fireball to sending a murder of crows to well…murder your victims. If you have not played Bioshock Infinite then check it out soon, this is Junious signing off.

Dress For Independence Day

Yo everybody, welcome back to my lifestyle blog. As I am writing this, it is the last day of May meaning there is just over one month until the fourth of July, otherwise known as Independence Day. All over the States people will be cooking great food and lighting insane fireworks. I will probably even take time off from playing video games so I can celebrate all day long. This year I will be going to a huge party at a local club that is having a costume contest, and whoever has the most “American” outfit on will win $200! I have already started looking at the clothes on and got some great idea already but I am still not sure. Today I will share with you all a couple ideas I have for my Independence day outfit, and if you could let me know in the comments section below what you think that would be appreciated.

 The Patriot

American Flag Sunglasses

Looking and feeling patriotic is one of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day. People adorn themselves with American flags, American Flag styled clothing and now, American Flag styled sunglasses. After looking online I found some American Flag sunglasses for sale on that look pretty good. Most of them are aviators as well, which is even more American. In my opinion anyways. I feel like Terry Crews would wear them in Ultimate Beastmaster so I think that counts as patriotic. These glasses are great as you can still see out of them fine and they offer great UV protection as well. I almost want these regardless now that I think about it.

 American Flag Aviators

American Flag Cape

Looking online more I got some great ideas of what to wear next month. I saw some of the older Captain America costumes and they all had this really cool American Flag cape on them. It is really hard to find that cape as the outfit is from decades ago, but I did find a really cool sweater that had a flag on the back on that I think I can meddle with a bit to make it more of a cape. It seems like it should be a fairly simple concept, but as someone who has never spent much time with needles and thread it might be a little more difficult then I am hoping.

 American Flag Cape

What do the readers think?

That would be you guys. Take a look at the items I have chosen, and give me an honest comment on them in the comments section down below. I have never done something like this before so I am looking for some very truthful feedback, even if it sounds harsh. I hope that you all enjoyed this post, and that you will come back here next month to read my latest post. Will it be about clothes, video games, movies? Who knows? Not I. Not. I.





Ultimate Beastmaster

Hey readers,and welcome back to my lifestyle blog. Last week I talked about my favourite video game, so today I wanted to stay on the television and talk about a new show that I have been watching. The show is called Ultimate Beastmaster and is a Netflix exclusive. The show is one of those American Gladiator style shows, with a gigantic course set up for the competitors to maneuver through. A twist to how these shows are normally done though, is that Ultimate Beastmaster new athletes every week, with six teams from six different countries; U.S.A, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, and Japan. Each team has two new members every week, with the 12 competitors trying to make it to the end of each obstacle course with the best time so they can move onto the finals. Every show has a finals where the final two contestants essentially scale a 40 metre tall wall, and the winner goes onto the final rounds at the end of the season to compete against the winners from the other weeks.

As this show is one Netflix, all of the episodes from the first season are available right now to watch. I am half way through the show, and so far Korea and Germany have performed the best with two winners each. Mexico and the United States have each won one week and with three episodes left before the finals I don’t have much faith in the other countries. The shows has been extremely exciting so far, and promises to keep that excitement up with the rest of the season.

If you have Netflix, then there is no reason to not check this show out. The English version is hosted by Terry Crews, so the commentating is pretty good as well. Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments. See you next time!

The Beast

Video game of the Week

Whats up everybody, hope you are doing well. Welcome back to my lifestyle blog, where I talk about all the things dominating the time in my life. Since I got laid off I have been playing a lot more video games, and after buying Humble Bundle last month I had a lot of games to play. I got over 40 games in this package but I have been playing one, Stardew Valley, for almost 40 hour now. This game is incredible.

For those of you who have not watched any video game videos in the past 16 months, Stardew Valley is a farming game made as a spiritual successor to the Harvest Moon series. The games has you play a hard working office worker who has grown tired of the corporate environment and moves to the farm left to them by your grandfather. When you arrive with your hand me down tools, a small lump of coins and wide eyes you start to breathe life into the old farm, and can plant crops and trees, build buildings and even craft machines for your goods.


The game has five core elements-fishing, farming, foraging, mining, and combat. You can focus on one of all of these skills, as they are all important to create the ultimate farm. You can toil the soil and plant seeds, then forage for berries before ending the day fishing off you dock, and go into the mine the next day to find some rare gemstones.

If you like a relaxing gameplay experience, make sure to check out Stardew Valley. It has a small amount of combat in it, but if you focus on making lots of money you will hardly ever have to engage in combat with an enemy. Oh, and did I mention the ten eligible bachelors and bachelorettes to make your farm house a farm home? Check this game out on your respective store, and enjoy! See you next week!


Stardew Valley Farm

Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog

Hello everyone, and welcome to my lifestyle blog! My name is Junior, and I have always wanted to do a lifestyle blog. I don’t really know what precisely I will be writing about, but I have so many interests I don’t think I will be running out of ideas. I might write some stuff about the video games I am playing, the movies I watched lately, the music that is blasting through my speakers or anything else that pops into my crazy head. I might even throw in a couple workouts or diet plans if I am feeling healthy that week.

Be sure to check every week, I just got laid off from my job so I have a lot, and I mean a lot of spare time on my hands. I used to have lots of spare time on my hands at my job too, but now I am at home so that means a lot more web surfing! I guarantee that this time next week if you check here there will be some really really interesting post about…something. Until next time everyone!